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Click below to view the training workshop(s) associated with each series. Each training workshop listed will be between 30 and 60 minutes in length. The time is listed in ( ) next to the workshop name. 

The 100 series workshop is designed to introduce participants to Canvas

Canvas 101: The Basics – An Introduction to Canvas (:60)

Get to know Canvas. This is an introductory workshop that will demonstrate how to navigate Canvas and discuss the most common features of Canvas. The hands-on portion of this workshop allows you to manage your Canvas course settings and notifications. (60 minutes)

The 200 series workshops are designed to prepare participants to display content in Canvas and utilize basic functionality

Canvas 201: Course Design – Mastering Modules (:45)

Build your Canvas course with confidence. Learn why modules are one of the best and most popular ways to design a Canvas course. This hands-on workshop guides you through creating a module and adding content. You are encouraged to bring instructional materials for your course.

Note: Placeholder materials will be available in the workshop, but it will be more efficient if you bring your own materials on a flash drive.

Canvas 202: Communication and Syllabus (:30)

Investigate the various methods available to communicate with your students while maintaining a presence in your course. Post your syllabus for students to keep apprised of course policies and expectations. Leverage the syllabus tool so your students can manage important dates in your class.

The 300 series workshops are designed to prepare participants to utilize the full functionality in Canvas

Canvas 301: Tests, Quizzes, and Surveys (:45)

Dive into the Canvas Quiz and Survey tools. Learn the basics needed to start using quizzes and surveys in your Canvas course during this hands-on workshop. We also cover the various types of questions you can make, question banks, surveys, and how it all appears in the Gradebook.

Canvas 302: Assignments and Rubrics (:45)

Discover the ease of assignment creation in Canvas. In this hands-on workshop, learn the workflow of assignment creation. Create rubrics to set expectations for coursework and to provide a consistent grading structure for assignments.

Canvas 303: Discussions in Canvas (:30)

Explore the Discussion Board feature in Canvas. Learn how to create discussions, group blogging, and journaling using the Discussion Board in this hands-on workshop.

Canvas 304: Leveraging Google Docs and Managing Group Work (:45)

Leverage the power of Google Docs as it is integrated within Canvas to provide a collaborative environment in which to share ideas and provide ongoing feedback with students. Empower your students to work effectively in team projects. In this hands-on workshop, learn how Groups in Canvas will promote collaboration in group projects. Learn how to monitor, evaluate, assess, and advise students through completion of their project.

Canvas 305: Grading Submissions (:45)

The simplicity of the Canvas Gradebook will make you excited to start grading. Learn tips and tricks to make grading easier than ever during this hands-on workshop. Investigate how easy it is to leave feedback for your students.

Canvas 306: Organizing your Gradebook (:30)

Keep your grade book organized and easily apply weights to assignments and assignment groups. Filter the grade book to see the progress of select student(s). View results from Turnitin.

Canvas 307: Canvas Analytics (:45)

Keep apprised of what has been happening in your course using built-in analytics.

Canvas 308: Copying Content and Working with Master Courses (:45)

Are you teaching more than one section of a course or do you teach the same course each semester? Become more efficient by creating one master course that you can copy into multiple sections. A department can standardize the materials in a course while allowing instructors to personalize their content, due dates, and gradebook. Find out how to leverage the Commons to share content with your colleagues.

The 400 series workshop is a combination of all 100, 200, and 300 level workshops.

Canvas 401: Canvas Boot Camp (10 hours - (2) 5 hour days)

Be ready to take your course from empty shell to student-ready in this intensive, hands-on, all-day workshop. This 2 day intensive, hands-on workshop covers the entire 100, 200, and 300 level Canvas U curriculum. You are expected to bring your instructional materials (syllabus, files, assignments, etc.) needed to create your course in Canvas. This will take place over 2 consecutive days, 5 hours per day, including breaks. (10 hours)

The 500 series workshops are designed to prepare participants to utilize the integrated learning applications (LTIs) within Canvas

Canvas 501: Respondus Quiz and Exam Creator (:45)

Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Canvas. Exams can be created offline using a Windows environment or by importing questions from Microsoft Word or Excel.

Canvas 502: Respondus LockDown Browser (:30)

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Canvas to help prevent cheating during online exams.

Canvas 503: Turnitin Plagiarism Detection (:30)

Learn how to utilize a large database of content to identify plagiarized content in your student's papers.

Canvas 504: Using the Panopto Recordings LTI to Incorporate Video Content (:45)

Video content for your course and Canvas team up to form a “flipped classroom” platform. Join us for this introductory course about integrating Panopto with your Canvas courses, basic video and audio recording tips, making a recording, and managing your video content.

Canvas 505: Panopto Video Editing, Customization, and Accessibility (:45)


Do you have videos in Panopto that need a little tweaking?  This workshop covers basic video editing in Panopto, along with best practices, common settings that can be changed, creating a table of contents, adding captions, and sharing video with multiple classes or audiences.

Canvas 506: Panopto Quizzing, Enhancing Video Interactivity, and Student Assignment Folders (:45)


In this workshop, we highlight the Panopto quizzing feature, from creating questions to grading.  We also cover some features beneficial to students, including the ability to make personal notes and bookmarks while viewing videos. We also cover the workflow to allow students to submit video content as assignments for courses.


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