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Need more information on Canvas? A WebCampus Resources guide is available for instructors and students to find helpful resources all on one page.

UNLV IT Help Desk

If you have questions regarding WebCampus, please contact the UNLV IT Help Desk using the following methods:

Phone: 702-895-0777
Submit a ticket: WebCampus Help Request form or click on Help from Canvas and select Report a Problem
Request a 1:1 WebCampus virtual support session
In-person support: Visit the UNLV IT Help Desk website for up-to-date information on in-person support.

Help Desk Hours
Phone: 7 days a week 8:00 am - 8:00pm (including holidays)
See above for in-person support hours.

Virtual Open Labs for Instructors

The Office of Information Technology is available for for support through WebCampus Virtual Open Labs every Friday 9am - 11am. You can either join open lab using your computer so we can see each other's screens or via telephone only for quick questions without video. To register for an available Virtual Open Lab session please visit our Virtual Open Lab schedule. (You must be logged in to your Google account to register for a virtual open lab.)

If you are unable to attend our virtual open lab on Fridays, you can submit a request for a 1:1 virtual support session for a different day and time.

For your convenience, we also created a WebCampus Training Calendar that contains our training and additional open lab schedule. 

Office of Online Education

Office of Accessibility

The Accessibility Resources Team (A.R.T) provides oversight and resource support to help ensure the accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies at UNLV and promotes equal access for persons with disabilities. The A.R.T. provides training opportunities for instructors on the Foundations of Accessibility, Accessibility in Canvas, various accessibility workshops and open labs to support you in making accessibility happen. 

Training/Open Labs: