New Features

This page will contain a list of new or upcoming features that have either been added or will be added to WebCampus-Canvas. Availability dates and links to tipsheets for these new features can be found below.

New Features for All Users

New Rich Content Editor (RCE)

Date Available: December 22, 2020
Tools Affected: Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes, and the Syllabus tool
Description: The New Rich Content Editor (RCE) is an update to the previous Canvas RCE. The new RCE provides a condensed, more intuitive toolbar that is grouped by common icons and interactions.
Resources: Instructor guides for the new RCE and Student guides for the new RCE

Features that were enabled on July 10, 2020 (click to expand)

Features for All Users

Course Notifications

Date Available: July 10, 2020
Tools Affected: Course Home Page, Notifications
Description:  Users can customize notifications for an individual course they are enrolled in. You will have the option to either turn off all notifications for the course or manage notifications for specific course features, including the frequency in which you receive those notifications.
Resources: How do I manage notifications for a single course as an instructor or student

Features for Instructors Only

Bulk Edit for Due and Availability Dates

Date Available: Now
Tools Affected: Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes
Description: Instructors can now update due and availability dates for all assignments, discussions, and quizzes from their course's Assignments page.
Resources: How do I bulk update due dates and availability dates?

Limit Submission Attempts for Assignments

Date Available: July 10
Tools Affected: Assignments
Description: By default, assignments can be submitted an unlimited number of times. However, a feature has now been added that allows instructors to limit the number of attempts a student can make for an assignment.
Resources: How do I limit submission attempts for an assignment?

Course Navigation Rubrics Link

Date Available: July 10, 2020
Tools Affected: Rubrics, Course Navigation, Outcomes
Description: This change allows course rubrics to be accessed more quickly. The option for creating rubrics will be removed from Outcomes and added to the Course Navigation Menu. This will menu item will only be visible to instructors. Note: You will still have the ability to add/create rubrics from assignments, discussions, and quizzes as well.

Instructor Course Publishing Improvements

Date Available: July 10, 2020
Tools Affected: Dashboard, Courses menu option, and All Courses
Description: Once available, instructors will be able to clearly see which courses are published/unpublished on their Dashboards, in the Courses menu, and in All Courses as the courses will be divided into two different sections - Published Courses and Unpublished Courses. Instructors will also have the ability to publish/unpublish courses directly from the dashboard as well.
Resources: How do I publish my course?

Direct Share

Date Available: July 10, 2020
Tools Affected: User Navigation, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, Pages
Description: Users (instructors, TAs and designers) can use Direct Share to copy individual course items to another course and/or share individual course items with other instructors.

  • Using Direct Share to copy an individual item to another course
  • Using Direct Share to send an item to another instructor
    Users can search for other users via email address. Content can only be sent to users with instructor-based roles. The same content may be sent to more than one instructor by adding other users individually. Recipients will access and import the content directly in Canvas and will have the ability to preview the content before importing it into their course(s).

Modules - File Upload Enhancements

Date Available: July 10, 2020
Tools Affected: Modules
Description: Instructors will be able to add multiple files to a module from either the Course Home Page or Modules either by dragging the files from their computer and dropping them into WebCampus or by using the Choose Files option.

  • Option 1: Drag and drop
    Once a module has been created, the Drop files here to add to module or choose files options will appear below the module.
  • Option 2: Choosing multiple files to add:
    1. Click on the + to the right of the title of the module
    2. Select File
    3. Click on New File
    4. Click on Choose File button
    5. Select all files you want to add to the module and click Open.
    6. Select the Folder to add your files to
    7. Click Add Item