New Features

This page will contain a list of new or upcoming features that have either been added or will be added to WebCampus-Canvas. Availability dates and links to tipsheets for these new features can be found below.

New/Updated Features

Several third party apps that are integrated with WebCampus were updated over winter break 2023 for increased security and functionality. Some apps require adding the tool back to the course navigation menu by re-enabling it in Settings> Navigation. See the list below for any actions required.

Panopto Recordings 
Action Required: If you added Panopto Recordings to your course navigation menu prior to December 22, 2023, you will need to re-enable it in Settings> Navigation.

Turnitin's AI Writing Detection 
The AI Writing Detection feature of Turnitin was only a preview of the tool that ended on January 1, 2024. At this time we do not have an enterprise AI Writing detection tool and are examining options. University leadership is still determining AI use and policies. We do not recommend using free tools that requires uploading the students' submissions as this could be a FERPA issue.

Course Materials (Barnes and Nobles' Inclusive Access Textbook Program)
New Tool: Course Materials Spring 2024 
Action Required: If you added Course Materials to your course navigation menu prior to December 20, 2023, you will need to enable the new tool, Course Materials Spring 2024, under Settings> Navigation.

Pearson (Revel, eText, or My Lab and Mastering) 
New tool: Access Pearson 
Action Required: The old tools (Revel, eText and My Lab and Mastering) will be removed from WebCampus at the end of the Spring 2024 semester so please plan on transitioning to Access Pearson prior to this. Before enabling Access Pearson in WebCampus, you must transtition your content in Pearson first. please review Pearson’s documentation on transitioning to the new tool for MyLab and Mastering and Revel and eText. For questions or direct assistance with the transition, please contact your Pearson representative or contact Pearson Support directly. Note: Enabling both versions in your WebCampus course will cause errors.  

Action Required: Packback users will need to transition to using the Packback 1.3 tools. The Packback integration manager will be reaching out to instructors directly. If you need assistance with the transition, please contact Packback support or your Packback rep directly.

Features that were previously enabled

Course Settings: Assignment Default Due Time  
Tools Affected: Course Settings 
Description: Instructors can set the default time for any new assignments by clicking on Settings in their course.

Assignments: Bulk Due Date Time Editor 
Tools Affected: Assignments 
When using the bulk update due and availability dates feature, instructors now have the option to edit the times as well.

Assignments: Submit on Behalf of Student 
Tools Affected: Assignments (File Upload submission type only) 
Instructors and TAs now have the ability to submit an assignment on behalf of a student in the Gradebook.

Gradebook: Enhanced Gradebook filters 
Tools Affected: Gradebook 
Starting August 19, 2023, new enhanced gradebook filters will be available in all courses. For more information, visit Canvas' Enhanced Gradebook Filters guide.

Rich Content Editor Icon Maker 
Tools Affected: Rich Content Editor (in various tools in WebCampus 
Description: Users can now create simple icons using the Rich Content Editor in various Canvas tools.