Research Technology

Propel your research to new heights with technology, consultation, and collaboration solutions that address your cyber needs for breakthrough innovations rooted in UNLV.

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Consult your IT support team early to select robust, secure cyberinfrastructure compatible with UNLV IT infrastructure.

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Survey and Data Tools

Discover tools and infrastructure available to support planning, capturing, managing, storing, analyzing, and visualizing research data.

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Server Hosting, Compute, and Storage

Explore cyberinfrastructure options available to UNLV researchers at no cost or negotiated educational rates.

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Off-Campus Server Hosting

Secure data center hosting in Las Vegas features 10 gigabytes (GB) network connectivity, 24-hour security, video monitoring, backup generator, and redundant cooling.

Server racks in a UNLV data center.

On-Campus Server Hosting

Data center hosting for rack-mounted servers requiring less than 4 kilowatts (kW) power, with 10GB network connectivity, 24-hour security, video monitoring, backup generator, and redundant cooling.

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A cloud-based, on demand, high performance computing (HPC) platform that supports hundreds of applications.

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Specialized Networking

Isolated networking for secure data, resolving latency issues with high-speed data transfer or research instruments.

Server racks in a UNLV data center.

UNLV On-Premise Storage

Securely store and access research data with on-premise file storage. This service includes off-site backups.

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Virtual Servers

A free tier of Linux virtual servers is available to support research environments. Larger servers are available as a project scales.

UNLV National Supercomputing Institute

High-performance computing and networking resources for research and development programs requiring collaboration at the state, national, and international levels

Security, Privacy, and Authentication

Strengthen proposals, ensure compliance, avoid ransomware, and facilitate secure collaboration.

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ACE & Federated Identity

Add ACE multi-factor authentication for secure login to your research services. Add federated access for easy secure collaboration with colleagues at other higher education and research institutions.

Security & Consult

Consult with the cybersecurity office on grant proposal and research environments for proactive prevention and compliance

Vulnerability Scanning

Scanning of research infrastructure to improve data security and meet compliance requirements

Collaboration, Event, Conference Support

Join UNLV researchers who are working with UNLV IT to design and pilot cost-effective communication and collaboration services for research. Requests are being accepted during the pilot phase.

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