Personal Computer Purchasing Programs

Buying a computer can be a confusing process. The Office of Information Technology works with academic colleges to provide specific recommendations to help students, faculty, and staff find the right machine to suit your personal computing needs.

Visit the vendor pages below to see recommendations by college or department to find the perfect computer and accessories for you.


Shop recommendations for Windows desktops, laptops, and accessories.


See recommendations for Apple products, Windows computers, and more.


See exclusive offers on HP products for UNLV students and faculty/staff.

Why Buy Through The Personal Computer Purchasing Program?

The Right Computer For You

Different academic programs have different computing needs. An architecture major may need a laptop with a top-of-the-line processor to render 3D illustrations, while an English major that works mostly in the cloud writing creatively might not need that same processing power, for example.

Since we work with colleges and departments directly for their recommendations, you can know you are getting a quality computer that will suit your individualized academic needs throughout your time at UNLV.

Get More For Less

Vendors typically offer extended warranties for computers purchased through the program as well as incentives like discounts, free shipping, and gift certificates for future purchases. Please see the individual vendor sites for current offers and discounts.

Support Your University

UNLV receives 1-3% percent back from each sale, depending on individual vendor agreements. We use these funds to make improvements to campus technology, supporting student learning and achievement.

Other Discount Programs

Students can purchase directly from manufacturers for other discounts and options.


Visit the UNLV Apple store online. Or, go to the Apple store located in the Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas. Be sure to take your student ID.


Visit Lenovo's UNLV Store.


The Microsoft Store offers discounts for UNLV students.

Employee Computer Purchases

The personal computer purchasing program has been developed to help students, faculty, and staff find the right computer for your personal use. If you need to purchase equipment for your work at UNLV, find out more about Employee Computer Purchases.

Colleges and Department

Interested in having your recommendations listed on the vendor program pages or have questions about the purchasing program? Please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.