Move an Office Computer

Computer moves are coordinated by several offices, depending on the type of move. In most cases, Capital North American moves computers and provides bags and labels for computer parts. Following these procedures ensures that your computer and its parts are moved to the correct location and set up appropriately. If the move is a short distance move from one office to another on the same hallway or even moves within an office area, the department may do the physical move themselves. Customers may set up their computers if they do not want OIT to do that for them.

Customer Responsibilities

Property Move Request (PMR)

In small moves, the individual or department should submit a PMR. A PMR may not be necessary for large department moves that are coordinated by Planning & Construction or the Provost Office.

Due to personnel constraints, OIT is limited to setting up six computers per day. If there are more than six computers to setup, the setups will have to be spread across multiple days. There is an option to setup more daily, but temporary help will be required and the department will be responsible for any cost involved. A two week notice is required to allow us to schedule our personnel.

Packing & Moving

Disconnect, label, and package your computer peripherals, including network cable, AC cables and speaker cables.

  1. Label the computer, monitor, printers and scanners with the labels provided by the movers. Put your name and new location on each label. The movers will move these items based on the labels to your new area.
  2. Place small items like your keyboard, mouse, speakers, cables, power strips, and mouse pads into the pink bag provided by the movers. Ensure your power strip is in the bag because your new location may not have a power strip.
  3. Please ensure power strips and network cables are plugged into wall ports before furniture is placed in the new office space. This will ensure that computer and phone equipment can be connected without the need to move any furniture later.

Set Up of Computer Accessories

Submit a help request to the IT Help Desk for any new peripherals that were purchased for the new location. Those items will not be installed as part of computer moves since they will need to set up and configuration, which may add quite a bit of time. A separate technician visit for these items is preferred.

OIT Responsibilities

OIT will...

  1. Place the computer on the desk or the floor, based on the type of computer case, and will place the monitor in what OIT sees as the most optimum location, unless the customer is present to direct the technician to a specific location.
  2. Connect the computer with the cables provided by the movers; this includes connecting all peripherals, like printers, keyboards and scanners.
  3. Start the computer, verify that it has a functional network connection, ensure that the printer is working, and that the computer will perform as it did prior to the move.
  4. Set the machine up to a network printer if requested at this time.
  5. Provide basic troubleshooting at time of setup in case of failure. Technicians give their best efforts to ensure that customers have access to the network and can print. If other items do not operate correctly, OIT will open a help request for repair at a later time.


OIT will not...

  1. Move furniture. Thus if the network jack or power jacks are not accessible without moving the furniture, the movers must be called back in for this purpose. Every effort should be made to place the cables (both network and power) prior to furniture being put into place, especially if it will block these jacks.
  2. Set up your computer to any leased Xerox copier/printers unless the connection is operational at the time of the move. The computer technicians who set up your computer are not authorized to troubleshoot, maintain, connect, or setup any leased Xerox copier/printers. The customer should submit a help request to the IT Help Desk for connection at a later time if the Xerox connection is new.
  3. Provide additional power, USB and network cables. OIT does not stock extra network cords or power strips.
  4. Set up new peripheral devices that were purchased as part of the move. The customer should submit a help request to the IT Help Desk for later setup.