Employee Computer Purchases

When considering a computer purchase for work or personal use, you have several decisions to make: PC or Mac? Basic or advanced? Which vendor? How to pay? Use this page to help make those decisions.

Purchasing Computer from Our Partner Vendors

OIT is partnered with three computer vendors, Apple, Dell and HP, to ensure that the campus community has access to purchase a wide range of quality computers.  We negotiate the best prices possible so you don't have to spend more than you should.

To find a new computer, use the websites listed below to complete your purchase.

You have the option to use local Apple stores since they have the same offerings online and in stores.

Dell or HP must be purchased online only since the computers in local stores are NOT the same models or configurations as what is offered directly on these websites.

When you purchase your computers from these approved vendors, the total cost of ownership for the campus goes down. Purchasing these selected computers allows OIT to provide full warranty services and maintain them throughout their normal operational life cycle. Purchasing outside of these approved vendors and models can result in limited support and more complicated warranty claims.

Why Buy Selected Models from Our Partner Vendors

  • The computers selected are all business models and will support campus applications, including network configurations. Other models from local stores could be missing key components needed for business operation
  • The computers will allow for a consistent operating system, configuration, and application set, allowing you to do what you need to do
  • Business models are usually consistently manufactured for about 18 months, making them easier to troubleshoot and repair. Other models from local stores are not consistent
  • OIT can readily access the necessary drivers for these models
  • You have a variety of configuration options for these models to ensure that the computer meets your needs. Buying "off the shelf" at local stores other than Apple requires you to accept the configuration as it is
  • Warranties are in effect for a minimum of 4 years (You must ensure you buy Apple Care when purchasing an Apple computer)
  • If a computer fails, the OIT technicians are certified to work on any of the computers listed
  • OIT can manage the warranty work on these models. Other models from local stores will introduce more complicated or restricted warranty claims
A note about Total Cost of Ownership

The cost of a computer is not just the up-front cost at purchase. Total cost of ownership includes the work needed to get it ready for you to do your day to day work here at the University, and consistent computers make that more cost effective. Total cost of ownership also includes the time and parts for repair, and the warranties from these models allow OIT to repair your computer at a lower overall cost, including faster turnaround time and less down time for you. We have had computers on campus that seemed to be "great deals" at local stores, but then were incapable of running campus applications or became very expensive in repairs.

Purchasing Computers Outside of Our Partner Vendors

PCard policy allows you to purchase your computer from whomever you choose, including local stores outside of Apple and models outside of those selected on the above websites. Please be aware of the following caveats if doing so:

  • It may not be able to accept the standard operating system used on campus
  • It may not be able to run campus applications
  • Repairs may cost more. OIT does not cover the cost of these repairs
  • Warranty claims may have to be completed by you and not through OIT
  • Repairs and warranty claims may take longer since the computer may have to be mailed to the manufacturer rather than being fixed here on campus
  • Warranties may be as short as 90 days rather than 3 years.

On-campus Repair

UNLV technicians are only certified to work on the following computer model lines while under warranty:

  • Apple: All Macintosh models purchased from Apple's website or an Apple store
  • Dell: Optiplex, Precision, Latitude and the XP Ultrabooks purchased only from the Premier Website
  • HP: All PC models purchased only from the University of Nevada Las Vegas HP Website

If you have additional questions or need assistance in selecting a computer, please contact the Office of Information Technology and we can assist you.


Create your own account for Dell and use it to log in when purchasing, checking order status, or simply browsing. Already have an account?


Create your own account for HP and use it to log in when purchasing, checking order status, or simply browsing. Already have an account?


You can make tax-free institutional purchases with Apple over the phone (800-692-7753) or through the web. Apple recently changed the process for making tax-free institutional purchases online. Please refer to the following instructions for help ordering through Apple:

Recommended computer specifications

This specification table (PDF) provides a range of options, from minimum to recommended, for you to consider regarding processors, RAM, storage, video memory, monitors, warranty, wireless capability and operating systems.

Purchase an operating system when you buy a new computer. If you do not, you will have to purchase one separately which could double the cost you would have incurred otherwise. OIT can upgrade Windows operating systems on UNLV computers if an operating system is already installed.

Looking for Software?

Search OIT's software directory to access free or discounted titles. Keep your proof of purchase for software, please. As detailed in the university Software Installation Policy, OIT needs proof of purchase in order to install software or to transfer software from one computer to another.

A computer can be purchased by UNLV in two ways:

RX purchase:
  1. Configure your computer online and get an electronic copy of the quote or web proposal.
  2. Please contact your department administrative staff so that they may complete your purchase using MUNIS. For issues entering your requisition, please contact your designated buyer in Purchasing.
P-card purchase

Be sure your p-card limit will permit the cost of the computer you have selected.

  1. Configure your computer online.
  2. Purchase the computer online using your p-card. Print and keep the purchase confirmation and have it ready for when Property Control contacts you.
  3. Enter your name in the shipping instructions so that UNLV can determine where the computer should go once it is delivered.
  4. Respond to property control's request for purchase information in order for them to tag it.
Keep track of your purchase

Track your computer's delivery through the vendor from which you purchased it, using your Purchase Order (PO) number or from the web proposal number.

Once your computer arrives on campus:

  1. Property Control tags it as property of UNLV
  2. Receiving delivers the computer to Campus Computing Services
  3. OIT Technicians install the software and make an appointment with you to set it up

If you are purchasing the computer for personal use:

Our partner vendors provide discounts for personal purchases as well. Use these links to take advantage of educational pricing.

When ordering:
  1. Purchase it online, keep your purchase confirmation.
  2. Have all personal purchases delivered to your home.