Printing & Scanning


The Computer Labs use a pay-for-print system for managing print jobs called RebelPrint. To print in our labs, simply login to our computers using your ACE account, and then print to a printer. After the job has been submitted to the printer, you will need to release and pay for your print as documented below:

Login to RebelPrint

Printing In Labs

Each computer lab is equipped with a B/W laser printer (some labs have color printers).

  • When your account is created, you are given a $1 credit towards printing. Black and white prints cost 3 cents each. Color prints cost 40 cents each.
  • When that initial $1 credit is extinguished, you will need to add funds to your RebelCash account, and all printing in the labs will then be charged to that account.
  • After sending your print job to the printer, you need to login to the print system to approve and release your print job.

Printing Help

  • Login to RebelPrint with your ACE account
    • Find your job in the "jobs pending release" tab and check the pages/cost information for accuracy
    • Review your account balances
        - RebelPrint Balance (OIT's $1 Initial credit and refunds)
        - Rebelcash Balance
    • Click "print" under the action heading or "cancel" to delete the job
    • Charges will first go against your RebelPrint balance, and once that's extinguished, the system will charge Rebelcash

The computer labs have a service called "Mobile" RebelPrint which allows you to send a document to selected computer lab printers from an Internet connected computer. You can submit Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, XPS, and Adobe PDF files. The steps to use the service are outlined below:

  • Login to RebelPrint with your ACE account
  • Click "WebPrint" and click "Submit a Job"
  • Using the Map, select the lab and printer you would like to submit a document to, or scroll down and select the printer
  • Choose the number of copies you would like printed
  • Select "upload document" and choose the document you would like to print from your computer, and select "upload and complete"
  • We would recommend that you not "release" your job till you're either in the lab, or close to the lab, but at that point you would release your document to be printed as documented above
  • You have 24 hours to "release" your job before it is deleted from the queue
  • Select the "Recent Print Jobs" tab
    • Find the job that you would like a refund for
    • Click on "request refund"
    • Put an explanation for why you want a refund, and how much of a refund you'd like
    • If the refund is because of a printer error (i.e., print jam, low toner) we will typically refund the entire job
    • If you're requesting a refund because of your error (i.e, you didn't notice how many pages were printing, accidentally printed, as one-time courtesy we may refund half the cost at our discretion.
    • Visit a lab monitor immediately, and they will review your request and grant or deny your request
    • Refunds will not be granted to "Mobile" RebelPrint Users if you released your job from outside the lab and did not immediately pick it up, or mistakenly printed to the wrong lab


Each computer lab is equipped with scanners. Scanning instructions are attached to each scanner lid.