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LastPass Password Manager

LastPass simplifies your life by remembering all your passwords. It generates and stores passwords in a secure vault you access using a master password and automatically fills in your login information for you.

LastPass Accounts

To make password security effortless, UNLV offers LastPass Premium for students and alumni and LastPass Business for employees. The service is optional and provided for free.

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Students & Alumni

LastPass Premium is available to students and alumni who want a personal account. Sign up with your personal email.

Get Premium Account

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LastPass Business is available to employees and student workers. Sign up with your UNLVMail email.

Get Business Account

Users With Existing LastPass Account Using UNLV Email

Before upgrading their LastPass account, students and alumni must change their existing account to their personal email. Before requesting a business account, employees need to move their LastPass account using their university email to a business account.

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Why Use LastPass

Weak passwords continue to be a security risk. With LastPass to manage your logins, it is easier to have strong, unique passwords for different accounts and improved online security.


No need to remember multiple passwords for various sites

Better Passwords

Ensures passwords are complex for each site and not repeated

Stronger Security

Adds an extra layer of defense against attacks like keystroke logging

LastPass Features

There are some differences between LastPass Premium and LastPass Business, but both accounts offer the following features.

Never Forget Passwords

Safely store all your passwords in one secure vault

Streamline Logins

Automatically fills login fields and/or shipping details

Create Strong Passwords

Generates complex passwords when creating or changing passwords

Access Anywhere

Use at home, at work, or on the go and see changes you make sync on all devices

Safely Share Passwords

Conveniently share logins and notes with people you trust

Keep Passwords Protected

Use dark web monitoring for alerts to change passwords for compromised accounts