Person accessing laptop computer.

Computer Admin Access

As of 2023, everyone will have standard access for everyday tasks, like reading email or browsing the internet, on their university computer. Use MakeMeAdmin to give yourself temporary access for duties requiring administrative privileges.

Better Cybersecurity Defense

Granting only the access you need to finish tasks necessary for your job is a cybersecurity best practice. By embracing least privilege, we are building a strong defense to reduce security risks that exploit accounts, making it easier to stay safe online.

Minimizes attacks by decreasing weak points hackers use to access data

Stops spread of malware by only giving access for job functions at the right time

Improves productivity by reducing system downtimes in event of breaches

Safeguards against human error that can happen through mistakes or negligence

Account Access

Everyone has standard access to complete daily tasks. Since administrator access is only needed for certain circumstances, use MakeMeAdmin to give yourself administrator access on your university computer when you need it.

Install software updates

Set up eduroam or make network changes

Add printers

Get Temporary Administrator Access

Follow the instructions to launch MakeMeAdmin. If prompted, use your ACE login to enter your username and password.

Mac Devices

  1. Locate the Self Service application in one of these places: 
    • Launchpad > Applications 
    • Finder > Application 
    • Spotlight Search > Search Self Service 
  2. Under MakeMeAdmin, select Run
  3. Once it is granted, use administrator access privileges for up to four hours.

Windows Devices

  1. Run MakeMeAdmin using one of these options: 
    • On the desktop, double-click MakeMeAdmin 
    • Open Start, select MakeMeAdmin
  2. Select Grant Me Administrator Rights when prompted. 
  3. Once it is granted, use administrator access privileges for up to four hours.

Before changing your privileges to administrator access, see if the software you need is already installed on your university computer or if it is available in the software directory.

MakeMeAdmin Installation

If MakeMeAdmin is not already on your device, the tool is being installed on university computers in phases throughout the year. Communication about the upgrade is coming soon. Contact the IT Help Desk to get MakeMeAdmin installed early.

Request Exception

If you need full-time administrator access on your university computer, request an exception to the policy, including details on why you need it. An exception is not guaranteed.