Improved Desktop Support

In order to provide a better desktop computer experience to UNLV employees, computers across campus were updated with a number of features that will allow for a safer and more secure computing environment.

  • Move towards fewer usernames and passwords by integrating the ACE account for workstation log ins
  • Improved ability to keep operating systems and software updated by installing BMC Footprints Asset Core (FPAC) software that allows Windows security patches to be installed automatically. Updated computers are at less risk.
  • Campus-wide firewall improvements. Firewalls help control access to campus network resources, working to prevent unwanted or malicious access.

Better resource utilization and increased productivity

These changes provide a better experience for UNLV employees.

  • Faster computer support, including more opportunities for immediate remote support.
  • Quicker and easier technology installations, implementations, and changes.
  • Ability to track technical trends leading to faster solutions. For example, if we have multiple hardware failures in the same model of computer, we can become proactive for the rest of them.