Software Installation Policy for UNLV Computers

UNLV does not permit unlicensed software on University-owned computers and requires documentation of the appropriate licenses for all installed software.

The UNLV policy on software licensing has been Articulated in several documents including the Software Copy Policy, the UNLV Faculty Computer Use Policy, and the UNLV Student Computer Use Policy.

Software Copy Policy

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, recognizes its legal obligation to the holders of copyright on computer software. To this end, no member of the University community shall make copies of computer software owned by the University unless an express written License had been granted by the software manufacturer. The University community consists of faculty, staff, and students using campus facilities.

Copies made under license remain the property of the University. Unless specifically allowed by the license agreement, no copies for personal use shall be made.

In addition to any civil or criminal penalty imposed by the software manufacturer, members of the University community in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action under the UNS code. (April 1985)