Known Issues

Below are a list of known issues with Canvas. Click on the item below to view more details regarding the issue and suggested fixes/workarounds:

General Issues

Various Issues - Chromebooks

Browser Impacted: Chrome
Issue: Users are experiencing issues accessing Canvas and/or accessing content files using the Google Chrome browser
Suggested Workaround: Download Firefox from the Google Play Store

Students do not have permission to view files shared through Google Drive

Issue: Students are given a "You Need Permission" error when trying to access Google Drive documents shared by their instructor.
Description: We have two separated Google domains, Rebelmail ( and UNLVMail ( By sharing with "Anyone at UNLV with the link," it will only share within UNLVMail and it will not be available to Rebelmail users.
Fix: Change sharing settings to "Anyone with the link."


Turnitin: Safari or Canvas Student mobile app users - Sorry we could not process your request error message

Browser impacted: Safari & Canvas Student mobile App
Issue: When clicking on a Turnitin assignment using Safari or the Canvas Student app, users are seeing a Sorry, we could not process your request error message.
Suggested fixes: 
For Canvas mobile app users, you must use a desktop or laptop computer to submit your Turnitin assignment as submissions via the Canvas student app are not supported.
For Safari users: Clear browser cookies (see instructions below)

  1. Click on Safari menu item and select Preferences
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. Click on Manage Website data...
  4. Search for Turnitin and select it from the list
  5. Click Remove
  6. Close/quit all browser windows and relaunch Safari

If clearing Safari cookies/cache does not resolve the issue, try another browser like Chrome or Firefox


Insecure content: Multiple browsers - "You are trying to launch insecure content from within a secure site (Canvas). Some internet browsers may prevent this content from loading."

Browser Impacted: Chrome, Firefox
Issue: Page will not load content as expected
Fix: Disable protection and enable Flash

On Firefox: 

  1. Click the Show Site Information Icon on the upper left URL bar next to the Lock.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of Secure Connection(this should display in green) 
  3. Select the Disable Protection for Now button.
  4. Click the Folder icon on the upper left URL bar next to the Lock
  5. Select Allow to run Adobe Flash

On Chrome: 

  1. Click the Shield icon in the upper right URL bar next to the Star
  2. Select the Load Scripts button
  3. In the upper left URL bar, you'll see "Not secure"
  4. Click on this and next to Flash select Allow from the drop menu


Canvas dashboard is blank & navigational menu items are not displaying

Browser Impacted: Safari (versions older than supported versions)
Issue: Course cards are not displaying on the dashboard and there are no navigational menu icons on the left
Fix: Upgrade browser to a newer version or use another browser. A list of supported browsers can be found here:


Students are not able to attach files in discussion boards

Issue: Student are not seeing the "Attach" icon when responding to discussion posts. By default, students do not have permission to attach files in discussions.
Fix: The "Attach files to discussions" setting will need to be enabled by following these instructions.