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Zoom Video Conferencing

Instructors and staff can host web conferences, online lectures, and virtual office hours in real time using Zoom.

Learn How to Transition to Zoom

Zoom AI Companion

Zoom AI Companion is available to all UNLV Zoom accounts on February 12, 2024. For more information, see our Zoom AI Companion page.

Zoom for Students

Access, Join, and View a Session

Reserving a Virtual Office Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

If you previously created a Zoom account with your UNLV Mail (@unlv.edu) address, you will need to consolidate into UNLV's campus-wide Zoom account. To consolidate into UNLV's account, you will need to verify your email address, and then click on the "Switch to the new account" button. You will only be able to log into Zoom using your UNLVMail account.

If you created a Zoom account with a RebelMail (@unlv.nevada.edu) address instead, it will be deactivated in December 2023.

For information on what account data and information will migrate, see The UNLV Transition to Zoom.

If you need to update the Zoom desktop app on a UNLV-owned and issued device, you will need to run the Make Me Admin application. For information on running Make Me Admin on Windows and macOS devices, please see Requesting Temporary Local Administrator Access.

If you are having trouble updating the Zoom app, uninstall the app in entirety, and reinstall. Older versions of the Zoom app will not update without being uninstalled first.

If you are faculty or staff, please login to Zoom using your ACE credentials.
(For more information, see Logging Into Zoom.)

If you are a student, you do not have a Zoom account. Please join meetings as a guest.
(For more information, see Logging Into Zoom for Students.)

After logging into Zoom, you can begin exploring it and setting it up. For a complete walkthrough, please see our Zoom Setup Guide. To begin scheduling meetings, please see our Scheduling Zoom Meetings guide.

To schedule on behalf of someone else, you will need privileges to do so in both Zoom and Google Calendar. For tutorials on this, please see our video and our documentation on scheduling.