Google Workspace Updates

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Jun. 11, 2021

Google recently released the following new features for Google Meet:

We hope these features help you communicate and collaborate better with your classmates and colleagues. To learn more about Google Meet, please visit the Google Workspace Learning Center.

Apr. 5, 2021

Google has updated the presenter toolbar in Google Slides to make it less intrusive and provide you more flexible controls.

When presenting, you will now see the following options:

  • Selecting the previous or next slide
  • Select any slide from the picker
  • The three-dot overflow menu, which will open options for opening speaker notes, auto play, caption preferences, and more.

Also, the presenter toolbar has been reduced down to only the controls you need the most and the size of the trigger zone has been improved to minimize distractions or obstruction of your contents.

To learn more about Google Slides, please visit the G Suite Learning Center.

Apr. 5, 2021

Jamboard on the web now lets you see the version history of a Jam file and restore a previous version.

This is the same behavior you are familiar with from other Google Workspace applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Version history makes it easy to see changes to a Jamboard and who made them.

To see a Jamboard's version history, click More Actions , See version history.

To learn more about Jamboard, please visit the G Suite Learning Center.