Classroom Technology Cleaning Procedures

Routine cleaning and disinfecting is important to maintaining a safe campus environment for students, faculty, and staff. When preparing for an in-person class, you should consider a few things.

  • Turn on the Crestron unit and activate the features you plan to use with a stylus pen or your fingers.
  • Wash your hands using hand sanitizer before and after you touch and clean items
  • Check to see if your face covering fits snug around your face, covering your nose, mouth, and chin.
  • Use the wipes from your UNLV kit to clean all of the commonly used classroom items in the instructor space. Remember, the cleaning solution must remain on surfaces for two minutes in order to be effective.
  • Do not clean the Crestron unit. The chemicals in the wipes or other cleaning supplies could damage it. The Crestron equipment is cleaned once a week by the Classroom Technology Services team.
  • If you plan to use a lapel microphone so that your students can hear you during class, you can check one out from the Lied Library.