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RebelFlex for Instructors

RebelFlex allows you to leverage enhanced technology in the classroom to teach a face-to-face class and students who are joining remotely simultaneously. You can engage both sets of students in real time using Webex or similar technology.

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Receive $500 stipend for participating in pilot

Priority access to RebelFlex classrooms with enhanced technology

Access to support and resources for facilitating RebelFlex activities*

Gain specialized training and access to peer cohort

*Some courses may be eligible for a classroom assistant based on class size and engagement activities.

How It Works

  • Students enroll in either an in-person or online section of the course
  • Both sections use one WebCampus course shell
  • Courses reassigned to classrooms with enhanced technology
  • Total number of students allowed in the course remains the same
  • Separate rosters for online and in person for easy tracking
  • Students are not charged the online course fee
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Attend mandatory training sessions and revise syllabus

Active Learning

Engage both audiences with active learning techniques


Provide information about lessons learned


Survey students about RebelFlex experience

Course Parameters

Course Enrollment

Expected course enrollment between 30 to 75 students

Remote Section

At least a third of maximum class enrollment offered remotely

Activities and Labs

Does not require on campus attendance for activities or labs


Cannot require in-person tests or exams for remote students

RebelFlex Tutorials

Learn how to use the technology in a RebelFlex classroom.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Touch Panel

Touch Panel

RebelFlex Tips

RebelFlex Tips