A hand holding a blue iClicker student remote.


iClicker is a classroom response system that allows instructors to ask questions on the fly. Students submit responses in real time using an iClicker remote or the iClicker Student mobile app. Instructors can then display and record student responses.

iClicker Cloud login screen

iClicker Cloud

  • Log in via any web browser on any Windows or Mac computer
  • Data automatically saved to cloud
  • Enable setting to sync data with WebCampus
  • Use iClicker remotes or iClicker Student app for laptops and mobile devices

MyUNLV Disclosure

You are required to disclose that students must purchase technology (i.e., iClicker remote, iClicker Student license, Top Hat subscription) in addition to their tuition and fees in your MyUNLV course description prior to students registering for the class. Learn More

iClicker Equipment

iClicker offers different response systems that students can use to provide data.

iClicker Student App

Two mobile devices depicting iClicker Reef app.

The iClicker Student app allows students to use their own laptop or mobile device. It also offers greater flexibility in the type of questions you can ask.

iClicker Remotes

Image of a single iClicker device

A base unit is required to use iClicker remotes in the classroom.

Technology Support

Product Support

Get technical assistance and training from product experts.

On-Campus Support

Classroom Technology Services can help install or troubleshoot iClicker base equipment in the classroom.

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