Prepare & Prosper During Finals Week

  OIT News  |     |  By Isabella Pupo
Person typing on laptop at table

With the semester coming to an end and finals week quickly approaching, keeping up can seem like a challenge. Luckily, the information technology team has a list of resources available to help students prepare for an efficient and successful week of finals.

Computer Labs on Campus 
Computer labs are available all throughout campus, providing students with access to various computer software needed to prepare and take their finals. With each lab including different services and hours, there's a lab available for every student’s needs.

Off-Campus Software
Resources are not limited to those only on campus. With RebelApps, students are able to access software needed for their classes on any device away from campus. To access RebelApps on an off-campus personal device, students are required to use a VPN and download VMWare Horizon Client by following a few simple instructions. Some software can also be downloaded on personal devices for a discounted price. Students, faculty, and staff can access the software directory to view all software available to them and which discounts apply.

Research Resources
All students have the ability to research credible sources for their finals through the UNLV University Libraries, which provides an extensive catalog of articles, databases, and journals for all areas of study. Students are also able to access certain newspapers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal with their Rebelmail or ACE accounts.  

WebCampus Assistance 
For many courses, WebCampus is needed to view assignments, due dates, and graded work. Assistance in accessing, navigating, and other general information regarding WebCampus is available to all students. Syncing your Canvas calendar to your Google Calendar is also recommended to prevent missing important deadlines.

Course Evaluations 
Course evaluations have been sent out to all students through their Rebelmail accounts. Students are encouraged to fill out their evaluations to provide feedback on their class experience and improve the quality of their courses.

Multifactor Authentication 
WebCampus, Rebelmail, and other applications all require multifactor authentication when logging in. Students will need to bring their phone or additional devices to completely access these applications.

LockDown Browser for Exams
Some final exams may require students to download Respondus Lockdown Browser, which may involve a few steps before using. If you already have LockDown Browser installed, check for updates before beginning your exams. Since Respondus tools do not support security key or biometric multifactor authentication (Windows Hello and Face ID/Touch ID), students should add an additional verification method such as Okta Verify. These applications might also require certain systems or equipment such as a webcam and microphone while test taking.

IT Help Desk Support
For any questions contact the IT Help Desk. The IT Help Desk can assist in issues with logging into WebCampus and any other technology-related assistance you may need. Additional information and resources are also available.

Finals don’t have to be as overwhelming as they seem. Make sure to utilize the resources available to you on- and off-campus and take care of all technology-related issues before your finals to make finals week run as smoothly as possible.