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Enhancing Hybrid Learning at UNLV with INOGENI’s Multi-Camera Mixer

INOGENI published this case study about how it’s multi-camera mixer enables the vast majority of multimedia classrooms to be set up in a hybrid learning environment at UNLV for meeting equity.

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Connecting to Campus WiFi and Staying Connected Has Been Made Easy

UNLV-Setup will be available starting this summer to help you connect to eduroam along with an expansion in connectivity across campus. 

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Employees from UNLV IT Learn All About Splunk at Annual Learning Event

UNLV IT gets insight into cybersecurity defense, enterprise systems, and more during Splunk’s largest learning conference.  

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UNLV IT’s Classroom Technology Services Team Showcase Features Inside the Advanced Engineering Building

Frank Alaimo and Michael Theil showed InfoComm guests the innovative classroom technology inside UNLV’s newest building.

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UNLV IT Shows Administrative Faculty How to Enhance Their Technology Use

IT employees partake in Administrative Faculty Development Day by sharing their expertise on various technology related topics. 

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