Computer Labs Directory

Below is a list of computer labs at UNLV. Filter the list by using the following fields.

BEH 102 Photo
BEH 102
BEH 219 Photo
BEH 219
BHS 451 Photo
BHS 451
CBC C125 Photo
CBC C125
CBC C129 Photo
CBC C129
CBC C309 Photo
CBC C309
CBC C311 Photo
CBC C311
CBC C321 Photo
CBC C321
FDH 235 Photo
FDH 235
FDH 245 Photo
FDH 245
FMA 110 Photo
FMA 110
GRA 239A Photo
GRA 239A
GRA 239B Photo
GRA 239B
GRA 243 Photo
GRA 243
GUA 1125 Photo
GUA 1125
GUA 1126 Photo
GUA 1126
GUA 3202 Photo
GUA 3202
TBE B367 Photo
TBE B367