Guest Access


Campus guests can create an account to receive Internet access on the UNLV-Sponsored wireless network for three days.


  1. Connect to the UNLV-WiFi wireless network
  2. Select Create an Account
  3. Enter your First name and Last name and a valid email address
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code
  5. Open your email and retrieve the username and password provided
  6. Connect to the UNLV-Sponsored wireless network
  7. Enter the username and password provided
    1. If you are experiencing issues connecting to UNLV-Sponsored, go to
    2. Select UNLV-Sponsored Instructions
    3. Follow the instructions and make sure to select your devices Operating System on Step 2: Connect to UNLV-Sponsored
    4. For further assistance, contact the IT Help Desk

Visitors can request additional time by completing the process again, up to 10 times annually. You will be notified when your wireless access is set to expire.

ACE accounts cannot be used to connect to UNLV-Sponsored. If you are a UNLV employee or student, please connect to the eduroam network.

Extended Access

If you host campus visitors that need frequent or extended wireless access, such as conference attendees or visiting lecturers, contact the IT Help Desk.

Once the request is approved, a username and password is sent to visitor’s email address. The visitor can then connect to UNLV-Sponsored network with the username and password provided for the approved amount of time.

University Devices

If you have a university device that cannot connect to eduroam, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Additional Information

The IT Help Desk provides general information about guest wireless, including terms of use, availability, and resources, but at no time is an employee of OIT able to conduct work on a guest's computer to provide fixes or configuration changes.

Contact your host on campus to find more information or to provide feedback on the guest wireless system.