Rebels Invited to Vote on New RebelCard Design

  OIT News  |     |  By Nicole Johnson
Person wearing sweatshirt with UNLV on the back

After more than a decade, it’s time for RebelCard to get a fresh look. And Rebels, you can help us pick the new design for the official UNLV identification card.

“The card has been around for 11 years,” said RebelCard Services Senior Program Manager Christina Mosakowski. “UNLV Information Technology leadership thought it would be fun to get the community involved in choosing the new design.”

The UNLV community can vote for one of the three options from April 29-May 3. Anchored by the university’s signature scarlet and gray trademark, the designs feature campus and Las Vegas landmarks so that people can quickly connect the card to UNLV.

Three new RebelCard designs

People will need their ACE login to cast their vote. The winning design will be announced in early May.

The card’s revamped look coincides with upgrading the technology behind RebelCard to Atrium on May 14. The system upgrade will better support contactless chip technology and expanded functions for added customer convenience.

New features coming to cards in the fall include fast one-tap payment options everywhere RebelCard is accepted, more self-service options for adding RebelCash to accounts, and easy event check-ins where a campus card is needed for entry.

Until these features are phased in, new and current cardholders will need to swipe their RebelCard for purchases and add money to their card online or at the RebelCash Deposit Machine at the Lied Library while additional machines are installed.

If customers were able to use their RebelCard to access buildings, they’ll still be able to do that. Once it’s available, students and employees who’d like secure contactless building access can get that feature added to their card.

There are future plans to make mobile credentials available. This is one of the most requested features from customers, according to Mosakowski.

“People want to have their RebelCard on their phones. Having all your access and payment options on your phone will be more convenient than digging a card out of your wallet,” she said.

The newly designed RebelCard will be issued to new students and employees and for those who need a replacement card. The new cards will have the same capabilities as the current cards, which means individuals who have the old design don’t need to get a new card. Their existing one will continue to work.

People can view signage of each design option during voting week in the Student Union and Student Recreation & Wellness Center or online on the RebelCard site. They can also visit the Lied Library from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. May 1 to ask RebelCard staff questions and cast their vote. Voting is open until 5 p.m. May 3.

Additional information on when the expanded features are available will be shared when it’s available. Anyone who’d like to cast their vote or keep up on the status of this service migration project should go to the RebelCard site for the latest updates.