Connection: Meet Jason

  People  |     |  By Isabella Pupo
Person standing in front of classroom lectern.

In this episode, we meet Jason Griffin, senior information security analyst for UNLV Information Technology (IT).

Jason’s journey in IT began as a lab student and intern in our operations center. At a student security pizza party, he was first introduced to Splunk, a log aggregation tool that analyzes different system data to monitor and respond to potential security threats.

Jason now primarily runs the Splunk Enterprise Security SIEM solution, which allows him to detect, manage, and remediate security events for efficient and safe cybersecurity operations. His team also oversees our campus password managers, application security requests, and vulnerability scanning.

Jason’s passion for Splunk extends beyond UNLV IT as an instructor for the university’s master’s program in cybersecurity. Currently, Jason is teaching courses like security data analytics to prepare the next generation of security professionals with real-work scenarios and Splunk certifications.

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