ACE Account Increased MFA Security

UNLV is removing SMS text messaging as a multifactor authentication option for signing in to ACE accounts.

Why Choose Okta Verify

Why Is This Project Needed?

Cybersecurity professionals warn that SMS text messaging is one of the most vulnerable means of authenticating. It does not meet standard compliance requirements that UNLV must follow for federal and grant funding, financial aid, insurance coverage, and patient confidentiality.

Okta Verify is a faster and more secure multifactor authentication (MFA) experience than SMS text messaging.

Updated Okta Verify Rollout Timeline

  1. All new accounts: July 24
  2. Summer Session III students: Aug. 5
  3. School of Medicine employees: Aug. 13
  4. Rebel Ready Week students: Aug. 22
  5. Remaining students and academic faculty: Tentatively Oct. 1

Benefits and Outcomes

The Okta Verify mobile app makes the sign-on process easier and more secure.

  • Meets latest security compliance standards
  • Easier login process with one-tap push notifications or unique one-time codes
  • Works with or without cell and internet connections and internationally

Find additional information about the alternative authentication options on the UNLV IT MFA site.

What You Need to Do

SMS Text Messaging Users

If you currently use SMS text messaging, switch to Okta Verify with a few easy enrollment steps now. You do not need to wait for your scheduled group. If Okta Verify is not the best option, contact the IT Help Desk for different authentication options.

Setup Okta Verify

Missed Group Deadline

If you do not switch to Okta Verify by your group’s deadline, you will be prompted to do so upon your first login past the deadline.

Okta Verify or Approved Method Users

No additional action is necessary if you already use Okta Verify or another approved authentication method.


Okta Verify and Technical Assistance

Contact IT Help Desk

Project Inquiries

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