Student File Storage

You may need an easy way to transfer files between home, work and UNLV. With your free UNLV network storage space, you can access the same files, on or off campus.

After activating your ACE account, you'll receive 100 MB of storage space, commonly referred to as a Home Directory, on the network server.

Access files on-campus

  1. Go to a campus computer lab and log in with your ACE account.
  2. Double click the Home Directory icon located on the desktop.
  3. If the Home Directory icon is not available, open My Computer and click the Y:\ drive.

Access files off-campus

You can access files stored in home (Y:\), group (X:\), and classes (X:\) folders from any location that has internet access. Simply browse to Rebelfiles and login using your ACE account.

Group file storage

If you want to share files with a group of classmates, contact the IT Help Desk to set up a shared folder that will be accessible via the X:\ drive.