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The iOS Developer University is a free higher education program offered by Apple. The purpose of the program is to give instructors the ability to introduce iOS Development into their curriculum.

Once an account is created for a faculty member, that person will gain access to specific development tools that may be shared with students in their classes to help them create mobile applications capable of running on an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

To test and debug these programs, both the instructor and students will have the ability to install these applications on their Apple devices to see their work in action. They will also have the ability to share any of the applications they develop through email or by posting them on a course website for presentation and grading purposes.

Create a new account

All new UNLV-affiliated iOS Developer University account requests are submitted to Apple and validated by a member of UNLV’s Office of Information Technology.

In order to apply for an iOS Developer University account, you must be a current UNLV employee who intends to introduce iOS development into course curriculum. A unique Apple ID that is linked to your university e-mail is required to submit your application. Faculty who meet the program requirements may apply here (detailed instructions below).

Program Application Process

  1. Visit
  2. After reviewing the program details, click Continue.
  3. On the Enter Account Info page:
  • If you do not have an Apple ID associated with your university e-mail address, choose the Create an Apple ID option and follow the instructions to create one.
  • If you already have an Apple ID associated with your university e-mail address, choose the Use an existing Apple ID option instead and click Continue. You’ll be prompted to Sign In.
  1. On the professional profile page, select iOS for the Apple Developer platform and Education for the primary market, and click Continue.
  2. Read and agree to the Registered Apple Developer Agreement by checking the appropriate checkbox and clicking I Agree. You’ll be taken to a verification page.
  3. An email will be sent to the UNLV email address associated with your Apple ID account that contains a verification code. Retrieve that verification code from your email, enter it on the verification page, and click Continue.
  4. A legal authorization page will appear, and you must provide the contact details of both the UNLV program representative, and yourself, the course instructor. The contact details for the current UNLV program representative are listed below:

Vanessa Nagata, Technology Support Specialist
(702) 895-0552

Click Continue when you’ve provided both sets of contacts information (the UNLV program representative and your own).

  1. On the next page, you will need to provide all of the relevant details for our institution:

[Your School/College]

[Your Department]
[Your website] or
Other contact information, including your mail stop code and primary phone number.

Click Continue when finished.

  1. Review all of the information you’ve provided one last time and click Continue if it is correct.
  2. Your enrollment will be processed by Apple and forwarded to the UNLV representative to verify your status and eligibility. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to complete your registration by agreeing to the iOS Developer Program University License Agreement and activating your account.

If you have any questions or experience any errors, please contact the IT Help Desk via e-mail ( or phone (702-895-0777).

DISCLAIMER: Users may NOT publicly distribute any applications developed through this program if it uses UNLV's logo or trademark in the interface, coding, or description. UNLV reserves the rights to the use and distribution of its logo or trademarks.