Computer Replacement Program

Goal and Objective

Initiated in 2005, the purpose of the Academic Affairs Computer Replacement Program (AACRP) is to replace out of warranty, administratively used computers for faculty and staff using the funds provided by the Academic Affairs department. $300,000 was given to the Office of Information Technology to conduct the AACRP for the 2017 academic year.

OIT highly recommends the following computer systems to be replaced during this years AACRP as they are no longer supported by the vendors: any computers running Windows XP, Gateway Computers (call Joel Bobrosky at x50757 to find out if we recommend your Gateway to be removed), all non-Intel based Apple Computers, and Apple computers that were manufactured before 2009.


November 3, 2017 will be the deadline for eligible departments to submit quotes for the AACRP.


Funds will be distributed to each eligible College by the FTE count with the following requirements:

  1. Reference your allotted dollar amount with the table provided below. Determine who has the greatest need for a computer replacement within your college.
  2. Build a quote for your college's computer purchase, following these guidelines:
    1. Purchases can only be for computer systems, no additional peripherals or software (i.e., tower and monitor; keyboards are usually included).
    2. Purchases of computers can only be from Apple, Dell (Dell Premier website), or UNLV HP store.
      1. You will need to have an account set up to for each vendor to build a quote.
      2. You may select any computers from these three sites, except the Apple Mac mini with Server OS.
    3. Purchase a 3 year warranty for Apple and 4 year warranties for Dell and HP.
    4. An Windows Operating System (OS) must be purchased with the computer.  All Apples are sold with their OS standard.
  3. Forward each quote in an e-mail to and Joel will complete the ordering process on behalf of the college. Any orders that exceed the allotted amount will need to be paid for by the college. An account number will need to be provided to OIT for purchase, otherwise the order will need to be modified.
  4. Each departmental point of contact will receive an email requesting a list of computers that are being replaced with the AACRP process. Instructions on completing this form will be included. The completed form must be submitted to before the new computer(s) will be delivered.

Recommended computer specifications

This specification table (PDF) provides a range of options, from minimum to recommended, for you to consider regarding processors, RAM, storage, video memory, monitors, warranty, wireless capability and operating systems.

Purchase an operating system when you buy a new computer. If you do not, you will have to purchase one separately which could double the cost you would have incurred otherwise. OIT can upgrade Windows operating systems on UNLV computers if an Windows operating system is already installed.

Computer Allocations

The following chart lists the FTE counts for distribution of funds for FY2017. Any funds not completely used by a college will be redistributed to colleges who need additional funds.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS CTR. 19.85 1% $4,449
BUSINESS 106.60 8% $23,893
EDUCATION 119.11 9% $26,697
ENGINEERING 103.25 8% $24,142
FINE ARTS 156.07 12% $34,980
HS- ALLIED HEALTH SCI. 53.03 4% $11,887
HS- NURSING 47.87 4% $10,729
HS- COMMUNITY HEALTH SCI. 38.27 3% $8,578
HONORS 17.50 1% $3,922
HOTEL 74.85 6% $16,776
GRADUATE COLLEGE 9.00 1% $2,017
LIBERAL ARTS 304.13 23% $68,166
SCIENCES 187.88 14% $42,110
URBAN AFFAIRS 101.08 8% $22,656
TOTAL ACADEMIC COLLEGE 1,338.49 100% $300,000


Please contact Joel Bobrosky at (702) 895-0757 or through e-mail at for any concerns regarding the program.