Student holding laptop computer outside as part of OIT laptop loan program.

Technology Loan Program

Helping bridge the technology gap with laptops enrolled students can borrow for the whole semester.

Available Laptops

Available Laptops
Standard Windows Laptop High-Power Windows Laptop*
15.6-inch screen size 15.6-inch screen size
8 or 16 GB memory 64 GB or 8 GB memory
256 GB SSD storage 1TB or 512 GB SSD storage

*Optionally available to Sophomore or higher Engineering students

Request Laptop

  1. Reserve device* to join the laptop loan list.
  2. Check your Rebelmail for an email from the Laptop Loan Program with pickup instructions.
  3. Pick up the laptop at the designated location. Bring your RebelCard or another photo ID and sign the agreement form.

*Availability is determined by the number of devices. If all laptops are checked out, we will contact you about your options.

Apps & Equipment Included

Laptops come with applications already installed, so you can kickstart learning, get organized, and complete assignments. Devices also include a power adapter and cable.

View instructions to connect to eduroam WiFi and learn about applications on the device in the guide on the laptop’s desktop.

Get temporary admin access to set up eduroam WiFi, download software, and add printers with MakeMeAdmin.

Discover MakeMeAdmin

Remotely access software you need for class using RebelApps or download discounted software to the laptop.

Explore RebelApps

Access RebelApps off campus using the virtual private network.

Access VPN

Access Assistive Technology

Students with disabilities can request screen readers and other assistive technology from the Disability Resource Center.

Public service intern setting up land singing laptops for student laptop loan program.

Return Laptop

  1. Check your Rebelmail towards the end of the semester for reminders from the Laptop Loan Program to return the device so it gets the care and maintenance it needs.
  2. Save any files to your Google Drive or another storage option. We will permanently erase everything on the laptop.
  3. Return the device to any dropoff location (SU 233 or TBE-A311). You can mail the laptop back if you are unable to come to campus.
  4. Check your Rebelmail for an email confirmation from the  Laptop Loan Program that the device was returned.

If you need to borrow the laptop for a longer period, let us know so we can work with you to accommodate your request.