Our workshops and webinars are designed to improve productivity. Contents range from application introduction to using advanced tools. Participants will learn new tools, learn how to use applications more effectively, as well as become more comfortable with them.

Sessions are free, and enrollment is on a first-come first-served basis. Each is limited to 12-15 participants and registration will be closed at that point. Additional sessions will be added only if there is high demand and if the schedule allows for it.

Registration is open to all faculty and staff. Graduate Assistants are welcome to attend, too. Student workers are also welcome if the application is job-related and they have supervisor approval.

Workshops are primarily geared towards campus applications supported by the IT Help Desk, such as Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. Watch the schedule for other specialized workshops, and feel free to suggest others!

Personalized group training is a great way to allow your staff to get the training they need. Contact us if this might be preferred by your group. Additional group training sessions can be scheduled if we have the available instructor and classroom.

Most workshops are about 90 minutes; webinars are typically 45-60 minutes long. We try to allow for Q&A time at the end of each session.

Each session is focused on specific topics. You may take one or more sessions, but it is always recommended that you take them all in sequence for maximum benefit.

Workshops meet in room CHB-C307 unless otherwise noted. Class size is limited to 12. Webinars are hosted online only via Google Meet or Zoom.

We all have busy schedules! If you are unable to attend, you can drop the enrollment within Rebelearn or submit a service request and we will assist you. Often there are waiting lists for the workshops, so your consideration might mean that someone else can attend instead.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, please submit a service request and we will connect you with the Training Coordinator.