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Connect with industry leaders to shape strategic IT decisions that advance higher education.

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As an Educause member organization, UNLV faculty and staff have free access to IT research, community-building opportunities, and webinars. Registration discounts are also available for conferences and professional development.

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Popular Topics


Digital Transformation

Enterprise IT

Presidents and Senior Executives

Student Success

Teaching and Learning

Research and Publications

Use research, benchmarking and assessment tools, and trend reports to make informed decisions about IT opportunities and services.


Study shows faculty and student perception on campus technology, use patterns, and technology expectations at UNLV and peer institutions.

Educause Review

Digital publication covers information technology issues and trends in higher education.

Educause Library

Large collection with topics and research about higher education technology.

Conferences and Events

Explore today’s challenges and opportunities in the higher education IT industry at an in-person or virtual conference or free online learning course. Discounts are available for paid events.

Annual Conference

Higher education IT professionals share ideas, network, and explore new technology strategies.


Individuals stay up to date on topics related to their career field and interests.

Self-Paced Pathways

Online instructors and instructional technologists learn the fundamentals and skills needed to support learners.

Professional Development

Advance in your career in higher education IT with the right professional development and networking opportunities for you.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Discover expert resources and peer connections to help you elevate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) personally and professionally.

Book Recommendations

Educause community members recommend publications that address DEI issues

DEI Community Groups

IT professionals join the online conversation to discuss DEI ideas and advice with peers

Facilitate DEI

Enterprise IT Program Advisory Committee shares advice on how IT leaders can support campuswide DEI efforts