Microsoft Imagine Premium (DreamSpark Premium)

Microsoft Imagine Premium (DreamSpark Premium) is a software distribution program offered by Microsoft. The purpose of the program is to offer STEM departments an inexpensive solution to stay on the leading edge of technology. Titles and versions available through this program change every year.

This program is limited to STEM departments only. Each qualified academic unit that would like to participate in this program is responsible for purchasing a subscription of Microsoft Imagine Premium to cover their respective Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Create a new account

In order to get an account to use the Microsoft Imagine Premium program you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Currently enrolled as a Computer Science, Engineering, or Management / IS major OR
  • Currently enrolled in a Computer Science, Engineering, or Management / IS course

Microsoft Imagine Premium accounts are issued (1) week after the start of each semester. Those who qualify will be sent a notification to their Rebelmail once their account has been established. Students who have met the requirements, but have not received their account credentials will need to contact their department's Microsoft Imagine Premium administrator for assistance.

College of Business (IS, MIS, MGT)
Justin Griggs
(702) 895-0790
College of Engineering (CEE, CEM, ECE, and ME)
Kari Locke
(702) 895-5897
College of Engineering (CS)
John Kowalski
(702) 895-1407

Change your password

Follow the instructions below to change your Microsoft Imagine Premium (DreamSpark Premium) password:

  1. Log into the Microsoft Imagine Premium (DreamSpark Premium) website.
  2. Click the My Profile button.
  3. Click Change My Password.
  4. Enter in your current password.
    • Passwords are CaSE sensitive.
    • We recommend a minimum password length of at least 6 characters.
  5. Enter in the new password twice
  6. Click Submit.

Forgot your password?

Follow the instructions below to have your password sent to your Rebelmail account:

  1. From the Microsoft Imagine Premium (DreamSpark Premium) login page click the Forgotten Password link.
  2. Enter in your Microsoft Imagine Premium username.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. A confirmation page will appear if the email was sent successfully.
  5. Log into your Rebelmail account.
  6. Locate an email from "msdnaa_softwarecenter@e-academy".
  7. Log into the Microsoft Imagine Premium (DreamSpark Premium) website using your username and password, provided in the email.

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