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UNLV Today is a daily e-newsletter that delivers information to UNLV faculty and staff to their e-mail account. Information shared in UNLV Today includes upcoming events, training, benefit changes, organizational changes, and more. Employees and staff are automatically added to the UNLV News Google Group. Learn how to subscribe or unsubscribe.

UNLV Official

UNLV Official electronic mail list disseminates information that the entire campus must receive. Subscription to the UNLV Official list is automatic and occurs at the time an employee e-mail account is established. Employees cannot be removed from the list.

Appropriate Designee for Official Accounts

UNLV Area or Unit Official Account Designee
Athletics Andy Grosman
Classified Staff Council Abigail Wood
Diversity Takiyah Beckett
Division of Finance Lori McGowne
Amy Carito
Heather Ortiz
Facilities Management Diane Logsdon
Faculty Senate Michael Hammer
Library Angela Ayers
Jason Aubin
Sean Kennedy
Information Technology Lori Temple
Don Diener
DeAnna Schutt
Hector Ibarra
Nick Panissidi
Trish Harrison
Media Relations Tony Allen
Vince Alberta
Cynthia Brown
Presidential Fred Tredup
Kyle Kaalberg
Joseph Dagher
Provost Sandie Gajkowski
Joanna DiBella
Javier Rodriguez
Public Safety Hobreigh Fischer
Ariana Renick
Student Affairs Stephanie Reahm
University and Community Relations Isabelle Johnson
Cynthia Brown
Jamilah Brewington
VP for Research and Economic Development Jill Zimbelman
Raegen Pietrucha
Government Affairs Deborah Hart
Compliance Initiatives Barrett Morris
Vincent McGuinness
UNLV Foundation Marian Alper
Pamela Thomas
Stacy Willis

Initial Policy Approved by Cabinet May 1997. Revisions approved 7/30/99.