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Oct. 16, 2020


Google is launching a new feature to help you add, manage, and format academic citations in Google Docs. This will make writing academic papers easier since you won’t have to use add-ons, or copy citations from other tools. 

Using this feature, you can easily insert in-text citations and create a bibliography in the MLA, APA, or Chicago (author-date) styles. Sources types supported include books, book sections, websites, journal articles and newspaper articles. 

To learn more about citations and a bibliography in Google Docs, please visit the G Suite Learning Center.

Oct. 2, 2020


Google recently released the following new features for Google Meet:

We hope these features help you host better virtual meetings with your classmates and colleagues. To learn more about Google Meet, please visit the G Suite Learning Center.

Oct. 2, 2020


On October 1, Google will integrate the Gmail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet apps together into one page on Gmail.com and in the iOS and Android apps. 

  • Gmail: The same email experience you know.
  • Chat: Message individuals and small groups directly (Chat will replace the current Hangouts app).
  • Rooms: Collaboration spaces for groups and teams.
  • Meet: Create video meetings and see all upcoming video meetings.

You can access Chat and Meet directly if you prefer to use these tools as stand-alone services. 

Google has also introduced new features to help simplify your work inside the new interface. You can now:

  • Edit your shared Docs and assign group tasks in Rooms.
  • Set your availability to ‘Do not disturb’ to help you focus on your task at hand.
  • Search across email and chat messages.

To learn more about the new integrated Gmail, please visit the G Suite Learning Center.