ACE Request

ACE accounts are automatically generated after all contracts and paperwork are completed. ACE account credentials will be delivered to the personal e-mail address provided during the application process.

Access to UNLVMail and LinkedIn Learning is also included with your ACE account creation. For more information on ACE accounts, click here.

Account Owner Information (Employee)
Account owner information is used to create the account. For group accounts it will be the person responsible for account administration.

Employee Start Date must be specified to process the accounts for new employees.

You (or your department support staff) can obtain your Employee ID from Workday.

Supervisor Information
Supervisor information is used to verify employment.

Look up Employee ID #

Employee ID # for supervisor is required to process the account.

Requester Information
The person filling out this form is:
Other Accounts
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Please provide any additional explanation of this account request, details of the account needed, special instructions, or additional comments you feel are helpful in processing this request.