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Computer screen and steering wheel for simulation racing
Dec 1, 2021

Campus technologists share their interesting and unusual hobbies that help them unwind from their daily technology duties.

Person looking at a laptop computer
Oct 1, 2021
OIT News

With October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the UNLV Information Security Office shares weekly tips to defend against cybercrime.

Person holding a mobile device with UNLV banner in background
Aug 18, 2021
OIT News

The list features helpful information about campus technology for new and returning students who are preparing for the start of the fall semester.

Two people sitting down using laptop computers
Jul 22, 2021
New Service

The ACE login page gets a fresh look to improve how users access UNLV applications, like WebCampus. The new page will be released in late July.

Person looking at a computer
Jun 30, 2021
OIT News

The Office of Information Technology gives employees tips for preparing on-campus technology for their return to in-person work.

Person typing on a laptop computer, another person appearing on a screen, and a third person standing in the background
Jun 11, 2021
OIT News

Office of Information Technology staff participated in a webinar to discuss how UNLV is using technology to present real-time instruction to students who are in the classroom and learning remotely at the same time.

Person standing in front of network equipment
Jun 1, 2021

Kim Schjang, associate network engineer in the UNLV Office of Information Technology, joins top female IT professionals to construct and operate the world’s fastest volunteer-built network for the SC21 supercomputing conference.

Laptop on table with person standing at a lectern in the distance
May 18, 2021
New Service

Selected instructors will teach in-person and remote students simultaneously during the fall semester. Interest forms are due June 1 to be considered for the pilot program.

Seat view of theater projection screen.
Apr 14, 2021
OIT News

Stewart Filmscreen published a case study about the journey Frank Alaimo and his team underwent to transform a lecture hall on campus into a 250-seat Dolby Atmos theater.

IT Help Desk employee wearing face covering and headset at desk.
Feb 4, 2021
OIT News

Agents created nearly 5,000 IT service requests, handled 2,500 phone calls, and reset 700 passwords in the first week of the fall and spring semesters.