In Control

  OIT News  |  Jul 6, 2022  |  By Nicole Johnson
Touch panel and computer screen

A world-class research university that prides itself on its diversity and competitive academic programs in hospitality, law and many other disciplines, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) was faced with an unprecedented set of technical challenges amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. With a diverse student population from around the world and a lingering uncertainty of how the pandemic would impact in-person learning, the university moved decisively to implement a hybrid, flexible classroom scenario that could accommodate both in-person and remote learning. 

University provost Dr. Chris Heavy requested a “big, bold plan” that would help both faculty and students navigate a challenging learning environment, while providing lasting value to the university at large. Senior AV/IT Systems specialist Frank Alaimo and Classroom Control Systems specialist Michael Theil worked with the University’s IT team and came up with a plan. “The main goal was to provide a new solution in our classrooms while keeping the existing standards in place,” Alaimo said. “Essentially, we added another flavor of classrooms to our classroom ecosystem.” The new hybrid classroom was named “RebelFlex.”

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Originally published in AV Technology: The Technology Manager’s Guide, June 2022