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Young Institutions and New Faculty: Committing to Learning Communities

The Journal of Faculty Development published an article in May 2020 by the Office of Information Technology’s Jennifer Tison and Joe Horne about the positive impact of a faculty learning community for new instructors.

OIT News  |  Jun 4, 2020  |  By Nicole Johnson
Tree with campus building in background

The final submission in this special section was prepared by Jennifer Tison and Joe Horne. Tison and Horne explore the faculty community and development therein.

Specifically, Tison and Horne discuss the positive implications of faculty learning communities for new faculty members especially relating to teaching practice and instructional strategy. 

Early on in their program assessment, Tison and Horne have found that learning community members show increased reflective practice, adoption of new technologies and/or pedagogies, and awareness of campus resources to support teaching than non-participating peers.

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Journal of Faculty Development, May 2020