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Virtual Meeting Tool Enhances New Faculty and Staff Benefits Enrollment Experience

The Office of Human Resources uses Webex, an online video conferencing and meeting solution, to host webinars that are more convenient, flexible, and accommodating to employees’ work schedules and onboarding preferences.

New Service  |  Jan 23, 2020  |  By Nicole Johnson
Person sitting at a desk with a computer wearing headphones

When Craig Topple accepted a new position in the Office of Human Resources as an onboarding and benefits specialist, he knew he wanted to make an immediate, positive impact on employees. 

But where to start?

In today’s digital world, where customers value speed, convenience, and flexibility for consuming information, Topple recognized a need to transform UNLV’s experience for incoming faculty and staff.

“At the time, UNLV offered a morning benefits enrollment class on Fridays,” said the 9-year university employee. “The class didn’t address those who had scheduling conflicts, telecommuted, or requested information before their first day. As a result, I wanted to create an online experience for this specific audience.”

In search of a more accommodating solution, Topple turned to the Office of Information Technology, where he connected with Andy Borts, the department’s instructional technology support specialist.

He talked to Borts about his vision to create a benefits webinar. 

“We had a healthy discussion about the improvements he wanted to make to the onboarding experience,” said Borts. “After understanding the goal, combined with the digital needs, I knew Webex was the right service to modernize the approach.”

Webex enables UNLV faculty and staff to host virtual meetings, web conferencing, and online presentations in real time, anywhere in the world. Meeting organizers can share their computer screen, instant message, and share files with listeners. 

By incorporating the tool, Topple is working toward expanding the number of benefits enrollment classes offered by the Office of Human Resources.  

“Webex allowed us to add webinars as needed for one-on-one and group classes. In the upcoming months, we’ll implement a schedule that includes two webinars a week, one on a weekday morning and another after business hours to improve our accessibility,” he said. “People appreciate that we’re making a conscious effort to customize the experience to suit their schedule, lifestyle, and meeting preference.”

Topple continues to build his Webex knowledge with the vision of growing the benefits enrollment program. The long-term plan includes developing the webinar into a comprehensive, digital experience, using the customer-centric philosophy that’s ingrained in him. 

“I’d like to maximize Webex’s capabilities. Eventually leading to more online benefits classes, possibly to include university orientation components, with recorded modules, interactive chat sessions, and more.” 

Topple sees the advantages of using the digital conference tool. He also incorporates Webex into his day-to-day activities, hosting in-person monthly onboarding advisory panel meetings with some participants attending via Webex, which has been well-received by members.

When asked how Webex changed the way benefits enrollment class and other meetings are hosted, Topple said the technology opened a virtual door of possibilities.

“It’s enhanced how we conduct business, and our efforts to make improvements are being noticed,” he continued. “The positive feedback reassures that we made the right choice to add online options. Because the onboarding process can make or break a newcomer’s impression of UNLV, Webex supports us in providing a positive and memorable experience.”

Setting up a Webex meeting is an easy process. University employees should visit and sign in using their UNLVMail email address ( and ACE credentials. Once logged in, users are directed to a personal landing page, which displays upcoming meetings, recordings, and other features. Additional resources, including a Webex guide, are on the IT website.