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UNLV Hospitality School Enhances the Technology Experience

Legrand AV published an article in June 2019 about the innovative, user-friendly technology inside the classrooms and learning spaces in Hospitality Hall.

OIT News  |  Jun 19, 2019  |  By Nicole Johnson
U-N-L-V Hospitality Hall

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) needed to upgrade the Hospitality School with classrooms and learning spaces that could provide a user-friendly experience with technology. UNLV has been on the cutting edge of collaborative learning environments, remote monitoring and management, and tech support for students and faculty.

Las Vegas has a high demand for hospitality graduates, and UNLV’s hotel administration program is well respected. To maintain that position, the new Hospitality Hall facilities would have to include convertible, interactive classrooms, an instructional kitchen, a PGA golf management learning center, and a holistic design to celebrate the connection between the college and the community.

To meet the AV plans for classrooms and learning spaces, a wide-ranging, robust suite of solutions would be needed.

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Legrand AV, June 2019