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Starting Strong at UNLV: Strategies for Online Learning Success

On Aug. 14, the university hosted a webinar for new students to learn about technology and online learning tips and virtual and on-campus help.

OIT News  |  Aug 17, 2020  |  By Nicole Johnson
Laptop with pencils and notebook on table

Office of Information Technology’s Hector Ibarra and Andy Borts participate in an online learning webinar for new students.

Hector Ibarra knows what it is like to be a new student on campus, and with a majority of classes online this semester, he understands how important it is to connect with students and help set them up for success.

He did just that on Aug. 14. 

Ibarra, along with Andy Borts, an instructional technology support specialist in the Office of Information Technology, participated in a virtual panel discussion about tips for online learning.

They provided information about campus technology to more than 125 viewers who live streamed the webinar on YouTube. Discussions included preferred devices for remote learning, the technology loan program, new study rooms on campus, the IT Help Desk, RebelCard, and other student technology resources.

“It was truly wonderful to collaborate with everyone and reach out to our students,” said Borts. “Everyone who participated embraced, and related to, the challenges we all face. Best of all, we got to showcase our care for our students in a welcoming, collaborative environment.”

The hour-long forum also featured an academic success coach, English professor, online education expert, and academic advisor.

The online learning tips webinar is available to view on YouTube, and for those who are interested, the IT website has information about campus technology, including resources essential for remote learning.