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Office of Information Technology’s Instructional Technologies Team Presents at Panopto Focus

Invited by Panopto to present at this year’s video technology conference, Andy Borts, Mark Kasselhut, and Michael Theil are sharing their experience with developing a universal lecture recording system at UNLV.

OIT News  |  Jul 29, 2019  |  By Nicole Johnson
Camera mounted on ceiling in a classroom with computers.

Mounted camera with lecture capture capabilities (Rakitha Perera/UNLV OIT)

Andy Borts, instructional technology support specialist, Mark Kasselhut, e-learning technology manager, and Michael Theil, classroom technology systems specialist, with UNLV’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) are traveling to Seattle, Washington to speak at Panopto Focus

Panopto, a video platform provider for universities, hosts the video technology conference from July 31 to Aug. 1. The annual event attracts between 300 and 500 learning technologists, educators, and trainers from the U.S. and Canada to learn from today’s leading voices in the academic technology industry. 

As subject matter experts for digital classroom and lecture capture tools in higher education, Panopto invited OIT’s instructional technologies team to present at this year’s conference.

The topic of discussion: how Panopto and Crestron, a provider for audio/visual technologies, were used together to create an optimal, centralized lecture capture system at UNLV.

“Faculty and students saw classroom technology as a valuable part of the learning experience,” said Theil. “At the time, we didn’t have one lecture capture solution on campus. So we embarked on a journey to make it easier for professors to use digital resources to record presentations and guest speakers for instructional use or archival purposes.” 

The integration, which began in 2015, took about three years to complete. 

“Since launching in fall 2018, we’ve equipped 45 campus classrooms with lecture capture capabilities -- with more planned,” commented Borts. “Integrating the Panopto and Crestron applications into one system simplified how people use it. Now, instructors can click one button to record; no extra work is required.”

Borts said UNLV faculty were surveyed earlier this year about their lecture capture experience. The results showed that faculty are pleased with the tool. In fact, 70 percent said it’s easy to use, with 85 percent saying they are encouraged to use it in the future.

Borts, Kasselhut, and Theil presentation is scheduled for Aug. 1. In addition to discussing the product integration, the team plans to talk about the lessons learned, workflow, design challenges, and procurement process. 

Both Borts and Theil are excited to participate in the Panopto Focus conference. 

“We’re looking forward to sharing ideas with other technology professionals,” they both said. “By attending the workshops and sessions, we hope to bring back knowledge to implement in future campus technology projects.”