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Check Your Tech

The Office of Information Technology gives employees tips for preparing on-campus technology for their return to in-person work.

OIT News  |  Jul 1, 2021  |  By Nicole Johnson
Person looking at a computer

UNLV employees returning to in-person work should check their on-campus technology. (Rakitha Perera/UNLV OIT)

After months of working remotely, many UNLV employees are planning their return to campus. To make the transition to in-person work easier, the Office of Information Technology has some tips for employees to ensure their on-campus technology is ready to use.

Log into your campus computer.
Turn on and sign into your campus computer using your ACE login. If you experience issues, double check your username and password. You may need to reset your ACE password, which you can do yourself.

Install updates.
Computers that have been shut down for a while may need to install updates. It can take several hours for your device to run updates and security checks, and it may restart several times during the process.

Check installed software.
Confirm the software you need is installed and working on your campus computer. Some applications will run updates automatically, while others need to be done manually. Consider renewing software licenses if they have expired.

Check printers.
Send a test print job to your office printer. If the printer is not printing, check if your computer is connected or turn the printer off and on again. In ink printers, you might need to do a cleaning cycle or replace ink cartridges. 

Re-register devices for campus WiFi.
You may need to set up eduroam on your devices if you have not visited campus recently. Follow the instructions to configure your laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device for campus WiFi.

Check your office phone.
After some time away, you might need to reprogram your office phone and voicemail. To help you set things up, view the user guide instructions

As always, the IT Help Desk is available to help with campus technologies. Check for support hours, book an appointment for in-person support, or ask Scarlet the chatbot a question.