The Faculty Experience: Teaching and Learning

Core Team Lead was Greg Brown.

What was considered during this planning session

  • What technologies should characterize the UNLV learning environment?
  • What services will best support faculty? What tools will enhance pedagogy?
  • How can technology help UNLV be most competitive in attracting faculty?
  • How does UNLV define its eLearning in light of System initiatives such as the “Katz Report”

Summary of session

This session focused on key issues facing both faculty and students. Basic themes considered the current state of technology at the University and how the IT Master Plan would balance its approach to be visionary, but not reactionary to the ever changing technology landscape. Much of the discussion was focused on how technology improvements and planning could impact another ongoing effort at UNLV: the “Excellence in Education Working Group.”  To this end, participants considered the following areas: classroom experience; assessment of education; enhancing faculty role in program development; and support for the faculty role in student persistence and success.

Key outcomes identified to inform the IT Master Plan

  • The trend is towards more collaborative workspaces for students and faculty
    • UNLV will need to consider how best to balance increasing demands for virtual/physical collaborative workspaces
  • Faculty need better access to data and improved system integration of existing UNLV data repositories
    • Examples of homegrown databases were provided, including a sophisticated FileMaker Pro system developed by a Department Chair that works well, but does not allow for easy integration with other databases
    • Data standards will continue to be addressed and data management will need to be a key component of the IT Governance worksession
  • Technology needs to support productivity gains
    • Manual processes need to be automated wherever possible to increase productivity and leave more time for teaching and learning
    • Seek automation of basic tasks to allow for a “higher task order”/analytics through continuous improvement
  • Innovation and discovery in support of faculty development
    • How can UNLV provide a better “sandbox” for faculty to learn about new technologies and support pedagogical discovery
    • Knowledge management/information sharing and coordination of resources. Is there a way to improve the communications and coordination of faculty usage of technology through some type of “Knowledge Management System”?
  • In general, UNLV needs improved communications around technology planning
    • IT Governance is a “black hole” that needs to be addressed
    • Priority setting that focuses on completing initiatives and improving service delivery
    • Leveraging existing IT investments to improve productivity