Foster Community Partnerships

Build a technology foundation that supports UNLV’s efforts to stimulate economic development and diversification, foster a climate of innovation, promote health, deepen and expand reciprocal connections, and enrich the cultural vitality of the communities that it serves.

UNLV IT Master Plan Fosters Community Partnerships

#1 Governance of IT

  • Includes an Advancement representative on the Technology Advisory Committee
  • Includes an Academic Health Center representative on the Technology Review Board

#2 Strategic Technology Planning

  • Establishes technology standards that improve the university’s ability to partner with local service providers
  • Provides opportunities for community partners to help shape UNLV’s technology vision
  • Regularly aligns the IT Master Plan with Top Tier community partnership goals
  • Includes alumni and community partners in the annual assessment of the Plan
  • Provides assessment of the Plan’s effectiveness in fostering a diverse campus population and in supporting community partnerships

#3 IT Leadership and Coordination

  • Provides a CIO to foster opportunities for IT collaboration, contribution, and community partnerships with key regional constituencies
  • Champions a shared vision among southern Nevada educational partners to help students master technologies needed to succeed in higher education and the global workforce
  • Charges the CIO with exploring technology collaborations among local, state, regional, and federal entities, and the university to mutual benefit
  • Provides innovate technology leadership to help address the growing need for highly qualified information technology specialists in Las Vegas and across the state

#4 IT Projects

  • Encourages leveraging community partnerships, collaboratives, and outsourcing to deliver new technology initiatives
  • Aligns IT procurement and project prioritization with community partnership goals
  • Facilitates the university’s ability to utilize and sustain technology donations

#5 IT Service Coordination

  • Catalogs all IT Services to identify technology resources available to university-affiliated centers and community partners
  • Includes community partnership needs when evaluating IT service provision
  • Increases local and regional collaborations to expand technology infrastructure services

#6 Sustaining Technology Investments

  • Develops a funding model to maintain and renew technology acquired through grants or community partnerships
  • Improves the university’s ability to rapidly implement new technology services that support community initiatives and innovation

#7 IT Awareness and Training

  • Collaborates with local and state leaders for cost-effective technical training to meet the needs of UNLV technical staff and IT workforce development
  • Leverages the InNEVation Center resources to enhance cross-training and innovative development for technologists from the university, businesses, and the community

#8 Information Security

  • Provides IT security consultation for grants and contracts providing community services
  • Ensures appropriate IT security for conferences and public events held in UNLV venues
  • Assists university-affiliated programs with establishing IT security measures that protect sensitive information and meet compliance standards

#9 iNtegrate 2

  • Minimizes manual administrative processes for vendors providing services to the university
  • Provides comprehensive data for reporting on issues of interest to community partners

#10 Identity Management and Single Sign-On

  • Facilitates collaboration with university-affiliated groups through role-based security
  • Expedites the provisioning of university credentials for affiliate faculty and staff
  • Increases access to medical resources and library collections at other institutions, strengthening the expertise university-affiliated programs can offer the community

#11 Mobility

  • Improves wireless services at conferences and public events held in UNLV venues
  • Incentivizes innovative mobile application development to help meet community needs
  • Engages civic-minded innovators in mobile application development by increasing open-data initiatives and challenge competitions

#12 Enterprise-wide Document Management

  • Assists with e-forms creation, electronic data capture, and automated workflows to increase administration efficiency of university-affiliated programs
  • Provides automated records retention compliance for university documents
  • Provides university-affiliated centers and community partners with tools to electronically route data and documents

#13 Leveraging Institutional Data

  • Creates dashboards showing progress towards Top Tier community partnership goals
  • Provides data analytics and reporting tools to better assess UNLV diversity
  • Enhances access to university data and reports to support workforce development initiatives

#14 Communication and Collaboration Tools

  • Increases visibility into the many UNLV initiatives designed to meet community needs
  • Improves the ease of use of UNLV’s website for both on and off campus constituents
  • Implements web-conferencing tools to facilitate mentorship
  • Maximizes the utilization of existing and new collaboration tools to enhance campus culture
  • Implements Customer Relations Management tools for targeted communications with community groups