Section 5: IT Master Plan Initiative Matrix

The IT Master Plan Initiatives Matrix provides a summary of the key elements of the 14 IT Master Plan initiatives plus the core themes identified in the Enabling the UNLV Mission section. It is intended to help guide the timing, budgeting, and overall planning process.

Download in PDF format:

In reviewing the Technology Initiative Matrix, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • For the sole purpose of this Plan, the total estimated annual current IT spending is based on both “central IT” and “distributed IT” expenditures at the University.
  • Although the Plan does call for increases in spending, there are potential cost savings identified throughout this Plan that will need to be quantified when operationalizing each initiative.
  • Even with these increases, UNLV will remain “below average” in terms of IT spending compared to other peer institutions based on national research provided by EDUCAUSE.
  • The numbers reflected in this matrix reflect additional costs that have been identified for planning purposes only.

Note: All estimates contained herein are for planning purposes only, are subject to change and should not be considered final. They serve as a starting point for further discussion.