Technology Vision and Values


During the planning process, the Core Team developed a Technology Vision and a set of Technology Values intended to communicate a common purpose for UNLV’s technology community as well as inform and guide the planning process by setting the direction and tone of the IT Master Plan.

Technology Vision

To support UNLV in its efforts to enhance current technology services and create new services that are innovative, secure, environmentally sound and cost-effective.

Technology Values

The Core Team adopted the following technology values to help guide the planning process:

  • Collaboration. The university will build trust through improved communications and delivery of quality services.
  • Leverage. The university will work towards improving productivity across the IT community.
  • Intentionality. The university will strive to utilize IT through improved resource allocation, clearer definitions of roles and responsibilities, and supporting redundancy only when necessary.
  • Adaptability. The university will meet changing needs and address competing IT priorities.
  • Accountability. The university will demonstrate accountability through a culture of continuous improvement.
  • User-Centered Focus. The university will establish enhanced user-focused evaluation, assessment, and feedback.
  • Innovation. The university will be innovative in dealing with risk, discovery, creativity, and experimentation in order to achieve its goals.