Resource Considerations

High-level estimates of the costs associated with executing the action items associated with implementing the initiatives are included in each initiative and summarized in Section 5.

Securing funding for comprehensive projects is a complex process dependent on a variety of factors including:

  • Type of need (e.g., equipment, software applications, staff)
  • Nature of the expense (e.g., ongoing, one-time)
  • Type of resources available (e.g., state allocations, fee revenues)
  • Scope of the project (e.g., one month to three years); and campus priorities

Given the complexities, identifying the source of funding for each action item was not included in the of the scope of the UNLV IT Master Plan.

Possible options for securing resources to support the plan include:

  • Leverage and Consolidation
  • New Approaches for Providing Current Services
  • Strategic Use of Cloud Services
  • Decommissioning Existing Services
  • More Strategic Use of Existing Funding Sources
  • Reallocation of Existing Revenues
  • Additional Cost Recovery Rates for IT Services
  • Strategic Spending
  • New Revenues
  • Maximizing Technology and Community Partners

Examples of possible options for securing resources in support of the Plan are included in Appendix D.