We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the students, faculty, executive leadership and staff at UNLV for their active participation and cooperation in this planning project. In particular we would like to thank the IT Master Plan Core team for their input and direction in supporting this effort.

The members of the Core Team met for many hours over the course of several months to develop this Plan that considered multiple options for the University’s IT Master Plan, then worked to articulate UNLV’s strategic technology priorities. The team’s efforts provided direction throughout the planning process.

Core Team Members

  1. Greg Brown – Vice Provost for Faculty, Policy and Research (Chair)
  2. Karen Asquith – IT Portfolio Coordinator
  3. Lee Bernick – Interim Dean, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
  4. Shannon Goodman – Interim Associate Vice President, Enrollment & Student Services
  5. Michael Gordon – President, Graduate & Professional Student Association
  6. Andrew Hardin – Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Associate Professor, Lee Business School
  7. Patty Iannuzzi – Dean of the University Libraries
  8. Shweta Kadam – IT Director, Boyd School of Law
  9. Joseph Lombardo – Director, Supercomputing Center
  10. Earnest Phillips – Associate Vice President, University Communications
  11. Javier Rodriguez – Associate Dean, College of Sciences
  12. Michael Sauer – Associate Vice President for Administration
  13. Lori Temple – Vice Provost for Information Technology
  14. Mohamed Trabia – Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Studies and Computing, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

The BerryDunn Consulting Team

  1. Clinton Davies – Principal
  2. David Houle – Senior Consulting Manager
  3. Vienna Morrill – Senior Consultant
  4. Josh Clark – Consultant

We would also like to thank the Plan’s executive sponsor, John Valéry White, Executive Vice President & Provost, for his support and guidance during the initial planning. In addition, we would like to thank Acting Executive Vice President & Provost Nancy Rapoport and President Len Jessup for their leadership in aligning the plan to support the university’s developing strategic directions.