Section 1: Governance and Planning

Build a strong governance structure led by a new CIO with the vision to unite the technology community, oversee strategic technology planning and prioritize resources, thereby transforming IT from a foundational service to a key strategic asset.

Initiative 1: Governance of IT

Establish a governance structure for IT that is informed by representative groups of campus stakeholders. The structure should facilitate decisions and establish priorities that support UNLV’s strategic directions and provide an evolving technology vision that maintains alignment with those directions.

Initiative 2: Strategic Technology Planning

Create a sustainable strategic technology planning process that engages the campus community, adapts to evolving campus priorities, communicates key planning milestones, and aligns with UNLV’s academic calendar and other strategic planning cycles.

Initiative 3: IT Leadership and Coordination

Establish a Chief Information Officer (CIO) position at UNLV that provides a technology vision, aligns IT efforts with strategic initiatives, leads IT service delivery, and facilitates IT planning efforts across the university’s community of central and distributed IT personnel.

Initiative 4: IT Projects

Establish IT project review and purchasing approval processes that maximize UNLV’s IT investments. These new processes will facilitate the deployment of new services, improve IT service coordination and provide transparent decision-making.